Constellation of Ideas

Single stars shine brighter when clustered in a constellation.

The main inspiration behind our logo was the constellation of the Unicorn, Monoceros. It is depicted as a stallion with one horn and is recognized as the symbol of knowledge, courage and gentleness.

constellation logo creation part 1 constellation logo creation part 2


Experienced managers, software architects, quality assurance engineers, graphic designers. Let us introduce you to our group of founders!

founder weronika rudnicka

Weronika Rudnicka

Software architect, project manager and programmer. Gained professional experience while working on the development of an application platform in one of the biggest hosting companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Her work focuses on advanced front-end technologies and programming team management. She specializes in issues related to web applications.

founder agata krych

Agata Krych

Graphic designer with many years of experience in the field. She specializes in creating corporate identity, illustrations, and graphic designs for the web. Her portfolio includes many successful projects realized both for local as well as international clients. She can competently elucidate and perform a complicated creative process.

founder przemysław czumaj

Przemysław Czumaj

Experienced leader and software architect. He has a wide knowledge of building and managing multi-disciplinary development teams as well as managing project portfolios, both in theoretical and practical terms. He has realized and coordinated many complex projects, including projects with extreme budget and time limitations.