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Super cool icons!

This time we present you something really special - a set of 6 totally unique icons, which you will find nowhere else! Here you can buy the full set of 100 icons in many variations - colors and others (over 60 000 different files!), but these 6 you can download just as you wish, absolutely free!

free icons for valentines 2016

Christmas wallpaper - from Eight Black Dots with love!

If you thought we prepared only one Christmas freebie - you couldn't be more wrong :) This year we will spam you with gifts - in a good way of course! This time we introduce an exceptional wallpaper - for your laptop, mobile or any other device. Just download our set and please your eyes with our one of a kind Christmas mandala!

free christmas 2015 wallpapers

Beautiful Christmas cut-outs for your Christmas tree!

Get our unique paper cut-outs and make your Christmas tree this year even more astonishing! And don't forget to share with us a photo of your tree - we'd love to see our figurines in the comfort of your own home :)

free christmas 2015 cutouts

Trick or treat!

Today is the day. The scarrrriest day of the whooooole year! Haunt your designs with our terrifying (but sweet!) illustrations and make them spooooooky! Download our Halloween treats and show us how dreadful you can be!

free halloween 2015 illustrations

Launch celebration: day 7

The last day of our week of celebration! Our new website is up and running for a week now! To spice things up we prepared a special offer for all of you! Special code for a great 20% discount on any new project realized with us!

Be sure to familiarize yourself with terms & conditions.

discount promo for our services

Launch celebration: day 6

Apple Watch success is almost as huge as our new website launch ;) To celebrate both - Apple Watch GUI elements to quickly design your interfaces in Adobe Illustrator.

free apple-watch gui for our new site launch

Launch celebration: day 5

The weather is getting better and better every day now, so there was no other possibility like to prepare a special weather icon set for you :)

Two more freebies to celebrate launching of left - we have saved the best for the end - be sure to visit us daily :)

free weather icons set for our new site launch

Launch celebration: day 4

Today we have a set of special notebooks with web, iPhone and Apple Watch wireframes. Just print it and start wireframing your websites and applications :)

free paper mobile wireframe for our new site launch

Launch celebration: day 3

The Celebration continues! A set of general icons to use wherever you want to. Share, love and comment :)

free web icons set for our new site launch

Launch celebration: day 2

It’s time for our second gift - workflow templates and elements for your website design in Adobe Ilustrator format! 100% free! :)

free website flowcharts for our new site launch

Launch celebration: day 1

And the celebration begins! Specially for this occasion the handcrafted, one of a kind Eight Black Dots font. You can download, use and share it completely for free :)

free font for our new site launch

Easter vector illustrations

With fluffy bunnies hopping around, gold chicken feathers lying on the ground and lucky lambs dodging the hound, Eight Black Dots brings you best wishes for the upcoming Easter.

free illustrations for easter 2015

Valentine's icons set

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, here's another special gift from Eight Black Dots! Six adorable vector icons for you, available for free. Love is in the air!

free icons for valentines 2015

New Year's Eve icons set

We see that you like our christmas icons, sooooo.... we made a new set. New Freebie for a New Year! Best wishes for everyone in 2015! Let the celebration begin! Cheers!

free icons for new year 2015

Christmas icons set

Ho ho ho! We have present for a good start! Made especially for you - free vector icons set for Christmas. All in Illustrator file you can download for free.

free icons for christmas 2014