Project summary

Pure joy and unlimited energy came to mind when the founders of Impact MT approached us. We knew from the beginning that their website and branding could not be any ordinary one. We duly delivered and the sentence 'What a blast!' became the motto for the rest of the project.

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  • Graphic design
  • Full branding design
  • Web design

What was the scope?

The scope of the project was to design and create a brand identity from scratch, including website design and development. Moreover we have designed gadgets and advertising materials, coming in multiple forms and colorful like the project itself.

Logo and guidelines for brand

We knew that Impact's energy had to be visible in each and every element of the company, especially in the brand design. Our logo concept was inspired by the Holi festival, carnival in Venice and lightness of feathers.

Adobe Illustrator
logo impact mt

Website design

One of the next steps was to transform the power generated by initial designs into a complete website. Wordpress proved to be our CMS of choice in this case, as the client required a reliable and manageable administration panel.

Adobe Photoshop
impact mt website screenshot

Gadgets design

Lots of gadgets covered in Impact MT colors and branding moved their energy into everyday life. Nothing tastes better than coffee in your own mug.

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Adobe Photoshop
impact mt gadgets

Advertising materials design

As Impact MT focuses on people, their brand had to be present also in offline channels. Be sure to checkout their stand and grab a business card when you meet them!

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Adobe Photoshop
impact mt advertising wall